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Let it snow

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Interlaken & Zermatt

All my life, I have not seen or even touched real snow. That changed on this fateful weekend as I finally had the chance to go up the Alps, or more precisely, Matterhorn

It was to be an overnight trip, and for once, it was a group trip with my friends, D & W =)
D's sister decided to join as well and we made our way down south. Following the advise of some friends, we decided to stop at Interlaken and take their famous boat ride. However, again - our trip was spoilt by the rainy weather. It was extremely cold and misty and we did not get to appreciate the scenery as one would on a sunny day.

Moving on south, it made sense to stay the night in Zermatt before going up Matterhorn early in the morning. It seems that the heavens couldn't stop crying as Zermatt was just as wet. It was a beautiful little town though. But, even by Swiss standards, this skiing town is extremely expensive. Even the price of the groceries in COOP was higher than that elsewhere.

We got private rooms this round as the price was still reasonable. The view outside our rooms was lovely. Such a far cry from the smells and ugliness of the previous week in Venice. I swear to Heaven and Earth that I will choose to pay for better accommodations the next time I travel to Italy!

No idea why, but the idea of eating ice cream in the cold weather seemed sane at that time :D

The next day's morning sun greeted us like a welcome hug from Matterhorn! I was so thankful for it because we needed the good weather up in Matterhorn. We took an expensive cable ride up - and there were snow everywhere. However, I realized my mistake once we were up there - I did not bring my sunglasses, and the whiteness of the snow was blinding to the eyes.

I heard that the temperature was not all that bad, considering that it was a "nice sunny day", but I was still freezing. To make things worse, I lost one of my gloves, and my hands couldn't stand the cold! And the temperature was practically in the negatives when we visited the ice palace. The ice sculptures were all beautiful, but I couldn't properly admire them as I was freezing from head to toe and felt as if my legs would crack and break anytime.

On the way back down to Zermatt, we stop at this particularly nice spot which I had forgotten the name. The view of Matterhorn was amazing, if not for that fluffy piece of cloud which is blocking it =(

The boys had fun kicking the snow or pretending to jump in the pool. I guess it's not so bad travelling in a group once in a while. Maybe I should do it more often.

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