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Waterfalls and river rides

Plenty of H2O all Around

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Rhine Falls + Basel

Hello Sunday, bright and early! My trip this time was joined again by D.
Rhine Falls is known as the largest waterfall in Europe. It is impressive, but...I had imagined it to be "larger" considering that it IS the largest. Get me?
But oh well, Maybe it's just the angle I'm at.....it did looked a lot larger during the boat cruise.

The sun is out, and I swear that my freckles had quadrupled from being under the sun so much in Switzerland! Either that, or D's camera totally HD-captured every last dot on my face.

It was seriously hot - I never thought I would say that here in Switzerland (because the temperature had always been below 20o so far). Ice cream is a must!!

We took a boat cruise to get a closer look at the fall, but it was kinda bleh....until we got near the falls. Then yeah - it looks awesome again :D

Onward to Basel :-)
This city kind of reminded me of a smaller mixture of Bern and Zurich. Not as impressive, of course, but we had a nice time relaxing and soaking our feet in the water.

There was this really nice boat trip with art knits all over to bring you across the river for only 1 or 2 CHF (can't really remember).

One thing about Basel, it's pretty artsy-fartsy. Not just the boat above, I noticed many of the rubbish bin are also painted. It's all pretty cool....

More wandering around Altstadt (by now we know practically every city has an Altstadt with awesome architecture), Rathaus..Basel Munster....etc...


I can't believe that at this point, I was already halfway through my stay here. Every weekend was filled with wonderful trips around the country. It really was a great discovery to experience a culture so different from my own!

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