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Of Mountains and Lakes

Walking never felt this good

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Mt. Rigi + Lucerne

3 weekends in and I'm already an expert at Swiss transportation system. Making excellent time, I took the cog railway up from Arth Goldau to the summit - Rigi Kulm. The concept was that it's more tiring to hike up than to hike down. So, I might as well start from the summit :-)
It was my first view of the Alps since coming to Switzerland. Breathtaking! Basically I can see 360o panorama here. I saw the Alps! I saw lakes! I saw mountains!

Since it was summer, I wasn't anticipating it to be all that cold. But I did not take into account the wind. It was so strong, it almost blew me off my feet.
Everywhere is green and blue! There are plenty of hiking trails but since I most probably will never return here again, I chose the scenic route. Makes sense eh? Signposts were everywhere and the trails well marked.

Ringing bells can be heard all over the mountain - I couldn't understand at first - up until I saw a herd of cows with bells around their neck. Hehe

To make a long story short - I spent about 5 hours just following the trails and taking in as much as I could of the gorgeous landscape, fresh air and all around perfect weather.

Until I met a couple - who warned me of an impending storm.....And true to their words, the sky got grey quickly about 4pm. And I got scared - there are no buses in the mountains! No cars! No trains!!

The storm started (no more photos here, I was too busy trying to trek my way to the nearest human or civilization, or something). And after nearly 2 hours, based on the simplest of signposts indicating a cable car somewhere, I hiked into the woods. And phewwww..........to my eternal gratefulness, I saw a cable car station. WITH HUMANS.
Turns out that I stumbled my way to a private cable car and had to pay extra 12CHF to get down (my usual day pass could not be used).
Chatting with another couple whom I shared my ride down with - they informed me that this kind of rain is normal - nothing to be worried about. They don't even use umbrellas, just walked on as if it was a sun-shiny day. Typical me who is a scaredy cat and got freaked out by the falling rain. Hehehe.
Once we reached the bottom - I walked on to catch the ferry - which was much further away than I anticipated. If I knew it would take another half hour walk, I would have just waited for a bus at one of the stops! When I finally arrived at the jetty, there was no ferry for the next 1 hour, and I was already tired out. It was time to splurge again. On cake. Heavenly....

The view during the ferry ride was very pretty. But it started raining again midway....what a wet evening!

Buoyed by my dessert and a nice rest in the ferry, I stepped out on wet Lucerne.

Plenty of travelers raved about this place and true to word, it is a beautiful city - but because of the gloomy weather and the fact that I was still slightly wilted from my adventures up in Rigi, I did not enjoy Lucerne as much as I would have otherwise. I was too tired to go see the dying lion too..what a waste. Anyway, nighttime was only an hour away, so I dragged myself back and slept in the train back to Baden.

Next day plan ~ Waterfall and river cruise :D

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