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So this is what a city looks like in Europe

Crying inside a beautiful church

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Baden + Zurich

Baden, being the municipality nearest to Wettingen with a major train station, was the starting point of all my weekend journeys around Switzerland. And since my plan was to go about Zurich, I had enough time in the morning to first scramble around with my friends to take a look at this area.
Basically, Baden is a nice, bustling town famous for its health & wellness (or what us Asians call spa). But, being the stingy budget travelers that we were, we simply decided to roam around for free :D

And this being one of the spots which I did not research or plan for (I usually reserve my plans for solo trips), we completely had no idea what or where we walked to....I also have no idea why, but I always love climbing to the higher land to have a nice view of the town below. Somehow that's what I did everywhere I went.

Can you see me up there?

My friends and I decided to split up as each of us have different plans on what to do after Baden. For me, it's on to Zurich!
Stepping out of Zurich's station, I was suddenly shocked by the enormity of everything - from the amount of people walking around, to the sport cars zooming past by. And those expensive looking boutiques around Bahnhofstrasse - this is truly a city for the rich and famous.

Zurich is filled with churches. Fraumunster was on my must see list - simply for the stained glass windows. They were so beautiful, I cried as I sat in silence, just looking. Although a non-Christian, I could understand and felt the spiritual power inside the church.

It was also my first time looking up close at church organs.

More church visiting. I must say, I never get tired of them - and they only seem to get more and more beautiful the more I visit over the next few weeks.

More nice sceneries around Altstadt

Again - walking my grandma legs up to Lindenhofplatz. I did say I like going to the high spots. Hehehe. Totally did not regret it as the view is amazing!
Isn't that random guy photogenic? I don't think he realize I took this photo of him because he looked so relax, enjoying the view of the city.

Seems like all Europeans love the sun very much. They take every chance they have to sun tan.

The flea market in Zurich is enormous! It was really too bad I arrived late as many stalls has started packing up. Rushing to see everything here, I had no chance to take photos :(
I bought a little musical box here - my favorite for-self souvenir of my trip here. Funnily enough, the musical box was actually made in Britain. How's that for irony? Hehe.

Next stop : St Gallen

Extra note : I know my previous stop, Bern, is also a city - but my title here is an indication of how a city seems on a bustling day. I traveled to Bern on a Sunday, when everything was closed and quiet.

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