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The Canton of Vaud

Of all the places I've been to in Switzerland, the Canton of Vaud is one of those that really have it all.
Awesome food? Checked.
Beautiful scenery? Checked.
Rich in both historical and modern art/culture? Double checked.

Montreaux, Vevey, and Lausanne are all closely located to one another, all along the beautiful Lake Geneva. And it was a pleasurable 3 days stay here.

Montreaux's Chateux de Chillon was indeed a beautiful medieval structure steeped in history. There were plenty of exhibitions going on, and I actually got to experience how a dungeon looks like! My only regret was that renovations was ongoing, and it spoilt the exterior view of the castle. No nice photos :(

Lord Byron was here before eons ago!

Although not as picturesque as Gruyere's Castle, Chillon's Castle was a forbidding fortress. It was definitely a more realistic "Game of Thrones" style of castle. Its not hard to imagine a knight honing his skills at the courtyard, or prisoners getting hanged downstairs :P

Back to Vevey (where I made home for the next two nights), it was a pleasant evening to spend relaxing along the lakeside. There were plenty of interesting tourist attractions. The famous fork in the lake (courtesy of the food museum located right in front of it), numerous museums (which I did not enter as I'm more of an outdoor person), Charlie Chaplin's statue and more.

Oh, and I visited Charlie Chaplin's graveyard as well to pay respect to the legendary actor! The cemetery was quite grand, although full of flying insects.

The next morning, I decided to cycle along the famous vineyards in Lavaux. It was really beautiful but halfway, my awesome Europe trip was spoilt by a series of work messages on my phone!!!!!!!


If there is one and only one advise I can give anyone, it is to NEVER NEVER look at your workphone on a holiday.
After receiving those work messages, I completely lost my mood to continue cycling towards Lausanne. It was really the biggest disappointment in my entire trip.
Later that evening, I decided to return to Montreaux as I had no chance to visit anything more than the castle the day before. Amazingly, there are many tribute to various celebrities in Vaud. Yesterday Charlie Chaplin, today Freddie Mercury?

Lucky me, Montreaux Jazz Festival is ongoing! Plenty of stuff to see here and there.

That very night, I found out that Audrey Hepburn also made Vaud her final home. In fact, her resting place was in Morges, Vaud. This was again a big surprise to me, and eventhough I had a train to catch back to Zurich the next morning, I couldn't leave without paying my respects! She is after all my favourite actress of all time.

After much problems trying to find it, I finally got to her tombstone. It's just like Audrey to have a quiet and unassuming resting place. Morges is practically a village!

It was then time to say goodbye to Switzerland....there were so much that I saw and so much more I experienced. I will never forget this beautiful country, and maybe if I am lucky, I will return here again.

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