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The Final Problem

Walking the path of Sherlock Holmes

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Meiringen & Hasliberg

To my eternal shame, I had completely forgotten that Sherlock Holmes (supposedly) died in the fight with Prof. Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls, Meiringen. Thank heavens for the power of internet in which this famous location popped up as a tourist attraction during my holiday planning stage. And so, attracted by the great significance this waterfall had on the Holmes literature, I purposely made Meiringen a stop.

As usual, I used one of my Tageskarten for the long ride from St Moritz to the Bernese Oberland. But I found out that it did not cover the Alpine Pass ride! That meant I had to fork out an extra CHF 15. It was painful to the wallet. But Oh My God. If I ever waxed praises about the views from trains/buses in my previous posts, nothing - AND I MEAN NOTHING - could compare to that of the Alpine pass. The CHF 15 was worth it. Me going all the way just to see some silly waterfall was worth it. Ok, scrap the word silly. But even without Reichenbach Falls, I would be willing to travel to the Bernese Oberland just so I can experience this view again.

At Meiringen, there was this really sweet, red furnicular that brought us up to the viewing point of the falls. I went up with a group of adorable little Japanese students, no more than 10 years old. The furnicular was manned by this grandpa who had white hair,beard and shirt! It was all like a storybook came to life.

Reichenbach Falls wasn't as grand as many other waterfalls, but it does bring the entire story of "The Final Problem" to life. There was a star to indicate the exact point where Holmes and Moriarty fell "to their deaths" and - ha ha - I just HAD to hike to that point!

The hike this time was alot more difficult as being the silly me who couldn't find a place to keep my huge backpack (worth a week's clothes) beforehand - I had no choice but to bring it with me. By the end of that hour - I gave up and hid my backpack behind a tree and prayed no one would find it. Silly and dangerous, I know, but what could I do? I simply am a super-low stamina girl. In the end, it was very cool to be standing at this point! The view was also incredible :D

After my little excursion to the falls, the next stop to go is of course the famous Aare Gorge (#1 of 7 attractions in Meiringen, according to TripAdvisor).
It was really surprising as the water was jade green! Throughout these few weeks in Switzerland, I have seen many jade green rivers from my train/bus, but this was the first time I was so close to one.

Since I had never stayed on higher grounds previously, this round, I thought to stay in Hasliberg Reuti, a sweet little village, accessible via cable car from Meiringen. However, I was taken by surprise when I stepped out of the cable car. It stinked of cow dung! For the first time, Switzerland was smelly to me. LOL.

Smells aside, the view was really pretty. I splurged a little for this stop as I thought I should sample a stay in a pension for once.
After getting a little lost trying to find my pension (most of them look alike here) - I found it tucked at a corner. Lady luck was at my side again- they upgraded me to a doubles room in the attic. And the interior of the pension does not have the cow dung smell. Awesome x 2!

I was a little lazy and tired by this time after so much of walking these few days - I thought of just lazing in my wonderful room. But lo and behold, I heard music drifting through my windows - A little investigation shows a group of locals practicing alphorns. This was a sweet surprise as I never expected to hear the alphorn. The group was kind enough to let an Asian girl (obviously a nerdy tourist) stand there and listen to them.

It was a day with wonderful experience here :D

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