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Hungry? (Tokyo - Part 4)

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Writing this post now makes me so hungry. If I were to rank my favorite food according to country, my homeland, Malaysia, would win hands down. But Japan comes a very close second. If nothing else, the uniqueness of is cuisine is unparalleled.

The first thing that comes into mind when someone mentioned Japanese food would be sushi. When in Tokyo, I prefer to eat it the "modern" way.
Photos depict UOBEI Shibuya

When entering the shop, I honestly felt as if I was entering an internet cafe. Each seat comes with a touchscreen panel in which we tap in our order. Japan was the pioneer in conveyor belt sushi (or what was term as fast-food sushi). However, this restaurant definitely kept up with the modern technology. One only needs to order and wait for less than 5 minutes before the food comes zooming in front of you! Video's courtesy of YOUTUBE.

Unlike the old style conveyer belt where the sushi just goes round and round til someone pick it up, all the sushi here are freshly made upon ordering.

One thing's a must when eating in japan - miso soup.

Ah....I'm not sure if any of you who travelled to Japan notice, but caramel pudding is a HUGEEEEELY popular there. I would love to live in japan, if only for the caramel pudding available everywhere.

Also, wandering around in Shibuya on the 2nd night, I simply decided to enter this restaurant because the smell was heavenly when I walked past it outside. The smell was due to all the grilled meat!! I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Now for the snacks!
I've always wanted to try all the weird snacks, so a pop into the nearest 24-hour convenience store (something like 7-Eleven) was a must.
Conclusion is, I am totally not adventurous :(

The fake sausage tasted horrible even though I saw Japanese and Koreans eat them all the time in TV series. The pizza flavoured sticks also sucks. Basically this is the only time I actually hated what I ate in Tokyo.

However, the traditional snacks still rocks! As mentioned earlier - you can get caramel pudding EVERYWHERE!!! And even the mochi from the convenience shop taste nice

There was also this fizzy alcoholic drink which actually tasted great. I really need to go to ISETAN one day to find if they sell it here in Malaysia.

Beard Papa creampuff originated from Japan but there are branches worldwide (even in Malaysia, one can easily find it), but I thought to try and see if it taste any different. Definitely taste better when one breathe's Japanese air :P

When exploring Takeshita Street (in Harajuku), I can't help noticing that there are crepe stalls every 10 meters! At first, I was not interested in trying it, but after passing more than 5 stalls (with long queues each), it kind of imprinted in my head that one should not leave this area without eating crepe.

For my final meal before rushing to the airport, it makes sense to eat ramen. After all, instant noodles was the brainchild of Momofuku Ando, a Taiwanese-Japanese. Therefore, after eating instant ramen my whole life, it is time to try the real ramen of Japan.

As I was unable to read Japanese (fyi, most restaurants has this vending machine at their entrance whereby you choose and pay immediately, except instead of dispensing snacks, it comes out with a receipt that you will then pass to the worker inside), I accidentally chose the biggest bowl of ramen I've ever seen in my entire life. But it was definitely delicious. In fact, it awaken my love for ramen (not the instant kind), that I actually started to search for the best tasting ramen in Kuala Lumpur after returning to home.

I think it should be duly noted that Japanese are extremely efficient, no matter what the service. It clearly shows the lifestyle of the Tokyo people where machines and computer take over half the job a waiter.

If nothing else, I am quite glad that Japanese food have made its way onto international level. It is quite common to see Japanese restaurants around Kuala Lumpur now. My personal favourite is Zanmai Sushi. However, nothing beats eating in Japan itself.

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